A regional anchorage

Actor in the Norman economy

Founded in 1889 in Caen, LEGALLAIS now operates throughout France and internationally. However, the company maintains strong business in Normandy with its head office in Hérouville-Saint-Clair and its logistics centre in Saint-André-sur-Orne.

Since 2008, the logistics centre has included a sheltered workshop for a dozen people with disabilities responsible for repackaging products (Vocational rehabilitation centre outreach initiative – “ESAT Hors les Murs”).

Leader of the Normandy Global Compact Circle

As an ambassador of the Global Compact France Network for Normandy, LEGALLAIS has taken the initiative to create a meeting place for Global Compact members in Normandy. The sharing of good practices allows all members of the circle to take more tangible action on common issues: quality of life at work, responsible digital technology, resilience to COVID, circular economy and biodiversity are included in the first topics discussed.

Over thirty companies are members of this circle which meets in the company of organisations committed to CSR: employers’ unions, the AQM Normandie, the Normandy Development Agency, the ADEME, the ANBDD… to find solutions together.

Signatory of the Normandy SDO 2030 Manifesto

On 17 December 2020, during the Normandy Sustainable Development Meetings in Rouen, Normandy employers’ unions, along with some twenty SMEs, ISEs and other economic actors from Normandy, submitted the Chair of the Normandy Region and ADEME with a manifesto signed by all, Normandy 2030 SDO, for a new democratic and climate governance of Normandy companies. LEGALLAIS and its Foundation are signatories to this commitment.

The 23 founders of this initiative are regularly joined by new leaders and actors in the Norman economy who want to take action and participate. With 40 major economic actors in Normandy, organised as an association, Normandie Entreprises 2030 SDO is now deployed and takes concrete action on the ground in Normandy. The development of partnerships, the participation and support for local initiatives of the same type, such as the Normandy Global Compact Circle France Network, are strong strategic focuses of the approach taken.

Partner of Normandy sports teams

Finally, the company sponsors various sports teams or events in its area, including CBC (Caen Basket Calvados), whose men’s team played in the National 1 League, the USOM de Mondeville and its women’s basketball team who play in the League 2 or the Open de Tennis Caen since the 1st edition.

For each of these sponsorships, LEGALLAIS allows employees to attend matches.