Board of Directors

Composed of 8 members, the LEGALLAIS management committee ensures the performance of the business model and implements its strategic orientations. The members are at the head of the operational and functional departments of the company.

Daniel Malouf
Deputy Managing Director, Development
Aodren Cosnier
Head of Purchasing and Product Range
Marc Courbon
Head of Maintenance & Building sales
Mathieu Delente
Chief Financial Officer
Jean-Christophe Gabillard
Information Systems Head
Sandrine Graizon
Head of Logistics
Olivier Jaillant
Head of Trades sales
Emmanuelle Popeler
Head of human resources

Governance of the Grand Comptoir Group

Philippe Casenave-Péré
Mathilde Casenave-Péré
General Secretary
Guillaume Leroy
Deputy Managing Director, Operations