“Art to illustrate the building finishing work industry? When our customers are true ARTISTS and the link between the world of ART and that of ARTisans is so close, we have obviously commissioned the creation of an original work to a renowned contemporary artist every year for over 10 years. After VanLuc, De Caroline, Chanoir, Jo Di Bona, Astro, Bishop Parigo, Le Cyklop, Jace, SKWAK, it’s the turn of Speedy Graphito this year to deliver its vision of the building finishing work sector that we share with you and all our stakeholders. This is also what a company committed to you and with you is all about!”

An artistic culture

It all started in 2011 with catalogue covers that change and stand out, a decidedly offbeat artistic imprint in the world of the building market. This has several advantages: federate our internal and external stakeholders around a common vibrant project and promote ART, ARTisanat and our ARTisan customers. The idea is also to make art lively and accessible to all, and to share it.

Internally, the exhibition and creation of original works of art on LEGALLAIS’ premises encourages cohesion among employees and involves them in unifying events. Externally, LEGALLAIS stands out with a different and unique approach through a strong identity on and outside our walls. A new story with a contemporary artist is established each year, inspired by a new graphic style, with a single aim: not to be just another catalogue of just another company. LEGALLAIS is LEGALLAIS!

“Artist and artisan, it’s just a question of letters”: Chanoir

The artist of the year

Speedy Graphito uses all forms of expression to create through his work and over time, a universal language imbued with the spirit of the times. Developed by theme, its exhibitions follow one another offering ever new and surprising universes. Constantly evolving and reinventing itself, its trademark is that of a joyful and profound art, with often bright colors, in which it jostles our systems of perception in a playful and ironic way. In this process, he does not hesitate to appropriate and divert all the imagery of popular culture, superheroes, even brands, thus achieving an almost systematic deciphering of our collective unconscious.

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A shared passion for art