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Sales & customer relations

Working in the LEGALLAIS Sales Department means supporting our customers in their daily projects. On the phone, in the field, at points of sale, in the region… our sales teams, both sedentary and travelling, are responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

If you enjoy interacting with people, consulting and learning, we have an opportunity for you, whatever your background, education or level of experience.

Travelling sales representative:

Customer advisor:


Because our customers are the focus of our attention, guaranteeing the availability of the products in our catalogue is a major issue. Through a state-of-the-art logistics platform, our teams are mobilised to ensure the reception, storage and shipping of orders.

The supply chain professions are an essential artery of our expertise. Want to join our logistics team?

Workshop manager:


Support functions

Joining professions such as Purchasing and Product Range, Marketing, Finance or Human Resources means contributing to the company’s smooth running and influence.

Want to participate in LEGALLAIS’ development? Come and join our teams!

IT, Tech & Data

In addition to being a reference in the distribution of products for the building finishing work market, LEGALLAIS is also a technological company. Information systems, data and tools are central to our DNA and offer many professional opportunities. Our IT teams are constantly developing efficient, innovative and secure solutions for our customers and employees.

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