Our business expertise

Working alongside our customers on a daily basis

Independent trades, all trades general purpose companies, specialised companies, major companies in the building and public works industry : LEGALLAIS knows how to adapt to each of these customer types to build a unique, personalised relationship.

Through its sales force of 800 employees spread throughout the country, its 31 points of sale, LEGALLAIS makes use of an omnichannel distribution model so as to be as close as possible to its customers. Everything is done to support them on a daily basis in their project.

Every day, LEGALLAIS means…

3 000

customers visited

15 000

parcels shipped

5 000

queries received
(phone and e-mail)

15 000

visits to the legallais.com website

Five sales departments

LEGALLAIS’ sales business is organised around five departments in order to reflect the particular expectations of customers, according to their business.

The trades department Find out more

Dedicated to building finishing work trades (carpenters, locksmiths, fitters, carpenters, roofers and other general building companies). The sales team is committed to providing technical solutions for each project, enabling them to successfully complete them.

Main business: renovation

End customer: private individual and professional customer


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The plumbing department Find out more

Suited to the needs of trades and plumbing companies, specialised in the heating, sanitary and electricity fields. These companies are active in new construction, renovation and minor maintenance in the private, housing and service sector markets. The sales team have full command of the technicalities of this market, including its products and the services.

Main business: new and renovation

End customer: private individual and professional customer



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The building department Find out more

Specific to building companies and structured companies with design offices and specialised departments allowing them to respond to invitations to tender. These companies are mainly active in new construction and renovation in real estate programmes for the service sector and for local authorities. Technical sales staff, with their in-depth product knowledge, provide the link between supplier specifications and customer needs and are experienced in the work site approach

Main business: new and work site

End customer: local authorities, building and public works subcontractors and the private sector


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The maintenance department Find out more

It is intended for public authorities, sites and public access companies, service companies specialising in real estate maintenance, and private companies. Their common point is the need to maintain premises in good working order. Project managers and sales representatives define recurring and occasional needs for the proper maintenance of sites, propose the technical developments needed for the adaptation of sites and implement the specific services related to these maintenance activities.

Main business: building maintenance

End customer: service companies, town halls in municipalities with over 5,000 inhabitants, general education, sports and health facilities and outdoor structures.



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Industrial maintenance department Find out more

Intended to cover needs in terms of consumables, tools and personal protection, this department created in 2022 takes care of customers in private companies, transport, and industries of all kinds, whatever the sector of business.

Main business: maintenance of industrial buildings

End customer: private sector

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To support these five sales departments, a Corporate Customers department with 15 dedicated people ensures a continuous relationship with principals; for responding to, monitoring and managing private and public invitations to tender.

The strength of a local network

500 travelling sales representatives all over France to be as close as possible to customers.

300 sedentary business experts at the disposal of customers, from Monday to Friday, from 7am to 7pm.

300 logistics specialists to receive, organise, schedule and prepare customer orders.

31 points of sale in France to buy on the spot, collect click & collect orders, be advised by a trained sales team and meet manufacturers during technical days.

  • 1 export department created in 2013 with a dual purpose: assist customers in mainland France in their international building finishing projects and develop lasting partnerships with carpenters, plumbers and hoteliers worldwide. The export department is supported by the expertise of a responsive team, specialised by geographical area: French overseas departments and regions, Africa, Europe and Overseas

9 areas of expertise

Building Find out more

The Building range includes all equipment for doors, windows, gates and shutters. Building hardware is a vast, complete area for carpenters, locksmiths and maintenance professionals.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website

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Fixtures and Furnishings Find out more

Fixtures and furnishings hardware has changed significantly over the past few years. Legallais’ long-standing area includes equipment for kitchen furniture, dressing rooms, bathrooms, shop fittings and professional offices.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website


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Plumbing Find out more

The Plumbing offering includes a complete range of products for taps, showers and bathroom, sanitary and heating equipment to meet the needs of each site.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website


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Climate Engineering Find out more

This universe offers heating solutions for homes and commercial buildings. Radiators, heated towel rails, boilers, underfloor heating, air/water and air/air heat pumps as well as smoke products, the Climate Engineering offer brings together a wide range of equipment from the largest French manufacturers.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website


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Electricity Find out more

Connection & protection, appliances, lighting, home automation, cables & connection accessories, alarms, CMV, batteries… the Electricity range includes all electrical equipment needs.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website

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Consumables Find out more

A must area for building professionals, the Consumables range includes all products for screwing, nailing, fastening, assembling, gluing, sealing, repairing, painting, drilling and cutting.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website

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Tooling Find out more

Screwdrivers, hammer drills, sanders, grinders… the Tooling range provides construction professionals with all the power tools they need to do their jobs. Not to mention a wide selection of professional tools and storage solutions.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website


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Materials and Equipment Find out more

This area includes a vast choice of equipment to fit out, secure and maintain our customers’ work sites and workshops.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website

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Individual protection gear Find out more

Work site helmets, hearing and respiratory protection, protective gloves, work clothes, safety footwear or fall protection equipment, this area includes a large choice of protection products suited to each work site.

Discover the area on the legallais.com website


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The widest range on the market

Our products and services are designed by our trade experts to offer a wide range of products suited to the requirements of building professionals. With over 60,000 references in stock and an additional 40,000 references on legallais.com, LEGALLAIS’ range is now the largest in the market.

“Our product, sales and logistics teams do everything possible to provide our customers with efficient, fast solutions. Our range is constantly changing: new suppliers, new products, market innovations, expanded product range… our experts are on the lookout for the most suitable solutions for our customers’ needs and specificities.”

A comprehensive range

over 60,000 references in stock and 600 suppliers

A selection of eco-responsible products

More than 6,500 environmentally-friendly products

A made-to-order range

for specific or non-referenced products

Exclusive to LEGALLAIS



a selection of 4,200 quality products at the best price

A delivery service

as soon as possible and on demand

Customised services:


Custom-made configurators and workwear customisation via Custom’Pro

Legallais Access

Manufacturing of mechanical and electrical cylinders

Capitaine Clés

Design of custom-made flowcharts

The LEGALLAIS brand: committed and responsible

For over 15 years, we have been developing our own products to best meet your requirements. LEGALLAIS products are selected and controlled to best meet our customers’ requirements in terms of quality, functionality and price. 49.22% of LEGALLAIS brand products are of French or European origin.

This is the sign of a brand that is committed not only to the quality of the products it offers, but also to giving back a portion of its profits to the whole community.

Over 600 partner suppliers