The LEGALLAIS company Foundation

Together in solidarity

In November 2010, LEGALLAIS decided to create its Corporate Foundation with a real desire to strengthen its commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. In connecting the associative and corporate worlds, the company strives to develop a solidarity initiative in support of the general interest.

France is particularly active in the associative field and has over one and a half million structures, 14% of which are involved in social and humanitarian action. It is this sector that the LEGALLAIS Foundation has chosen to support in order to achieve greater inclusion of vulnerable populations. It focuses its actions on projects involving employability, vocational training, passing on of trades skills, accommodation and access to housing. “A roof and a job” sums up the LEGALLAIS Foundation’s DNA.

The Foundation’s approach is based on support; it wants to give project leaders the means to achieve their aims, while ensuring their self-sufficiency and the independence of their actions. It does not assist but rather builds jointly, leaving to its beneficiaries the entire responsibility of managing their project. The Foundation conducts its activities in accordance with the ethical principles set out in the Admical corporate sponsorship charter.

“For 12 years now, the Foundation has been working through its volunteers and the LEGALLAIS company’s commitment. This tremendous surge of solidarity does not dry up and each year new projects are supported and new volunteers join us. I would like to thank them all as the social and solidarity economy needs these good wills. With them, anything is possible!” – Brigitte Delord, ex-CSR Head and ex-Chair of the LEGALLAIS Corporate Foundation.

Since its creation, the LEGALLAIS Foundation has financed 440 projects for a total of €1,355,595 as of 31 December 2023.

YearSupported projectsSupport granted
20111681 112 €
20122066 950 €
201328135 863 €
201437102 643 €
20152367 700 €
201635106 827 €
201745122 000 €
20183582 025 €
20193689 994 €
202040131 158 €
202144141 471 €
202239115 000 €
202342112 852 €
Total4401 355 595 €

In 2022, the Legallais Sailing Team alongside the Foundation

Throughout the 2022 sporting season, the Legallais Sailing Team has flown the colours of the LEGALLAIS company Foundation and the ACTA VISTA association. ACTA VISTA is an actor in active inclusion through heritage, employing and training people in difficulty through the restoration of French historical monuments.

The Foundation has paid the association €1 per nautical mile covered during the five races of the 2022 sports program, including the famous Route du Rhum. At the end of the season, the LEGALLAIS company Foundation gave a check for €8,338 to ACTA VISTA.