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key figures

155 employees

hired in 2021

120 recruitments

scheduled in 2022


years old on average

68.1% – 31.9%

men / women

8 years

of seniority on average


of the workforce declared as disabled

50 to 60

work/study students planned for 2022

Over 22,000 

hours of training completed in 2021

About 3%

of the payroll devoted to training


LEGALLAIS gender equality index of  men /women in 2021


34% (female) – 66% (male)

Representation of women and men among our senior executives and members of our governing bodies


*Professional gender equality index in 2021

Pay gap34/40
Individual increases20/20
Individual increases in the year of return from maternity leave15/15
Representation among the 10 highest earners0/10

(1) The aim is to eliminate the pay gap between men and women, for equal skills, experience and performance, by the end of our company agreement (i.e. 2025).

(2) The aim is to work towards parity among the 10 highest paid employees. Note that the result obtained in 2021 is not significant as the implementation of our new governance during 2021 will allow us to reduce this gap for the 2022 index.